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January 12, 2024 | La Sirena Winery

New Recipe Pairing: 2022 Moscato Azul with Thai Green Curry Soup

The fourth in our recipe pairing series by Chef Christina Machamer, this easy Thai Green Curry Soup is cozy, healthy, and oh-so-satisfying - and paired with our 2022 Moscato Azul, the perfumed tropical + floral flavors of the wine burst out in a delightful and unexpected combination.

Easy thai green curry soup
pair with 2022 la sirena moscato azul

As the weather grows crisp and we sail into a new year, I find myself craving something warm,
healthy, and easy, while I dream of a summer to come. With notes of ginger and lemon grass and
the silky feel of coconut milk, this versatile soup is the perfect match for the Moscato Azul. The
bright acid structure of the wine cuts through the richness of the soup, while its palette of graceful
tropical flowers allows the complexity of the green curry to flourish. Notes of ripe melon in the
wine wash away the lingering curry spice leaving you refreshed and ready for more.

NOTE: I love the flavor of fresh green curry paste, but the ingredients (and the time) can be hard
to find. For this recipe we are using Mekhala curry paste, but any favorite brand will work. Feel free
to indulge on this recipe by using your favorite protein and veggies to create your personalized
version. (Remi suggests thinly sliced red onions and sliced button mushrooms!)

Serves 4 as a main course

1T Sesame Oil
1T Olive Oil
6ea Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, cut into bite sized pieces
tt Diamond Crystals Kosher Salt & Fresh Ground Black Pepper
2oz Mekhala Green Curry Paste
2t Grated Fresh Ginger
2t Finely Chopped Lemon Grass
1ea 13.5 fl oz can Coconut Milk
.25c Carrots, Blanched and cut into bite sizes pieces
.5c Broccoli, Blanched and cut into bite sizes pieces
.25c Snap Peas, Blanched and cut into bite sizes pieces
1T Fresh Lime Juice
.25c Cilantro, Rough Chopped

1. Heat a large straight walled sauté pan or sauce pot over medium high heat, then add sesame
and olive oil. Add chicken thighs, season, and sauté until fully cooked, approximately 5-7
2. Add curry paste, ginger, and lemon grass then continue to sauté until aromatic, 1-2 minutes.
3. Stir in coconut milk and bring to a gentle boil. Add carrots, broccoli, snap peas, cilantro,
lime juice, and adjust seasoning if desired.

Recipe and photo © Christina Machamer - do not copy or reproduce without permission.

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