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2010 La Sirena

2010 La Sirena "Le Barrettage"

This is a high pigment vintage. The wine coats the glass with a very deep ruby blackberry color. Aromas are deep and rich of black plums, molasses, pomegranate, clove spice, venison, violets and other fresh flowers. It is fully ripe and concentrated, dense, lush and mouth coating. Nice layering and a big ripe expression of this gorgeous variety. This is quite a hearty big red wine that is begging for grilled meats, ribs!, steak, venison, duck, spicy sausage, or rich pastas or lasagna. Flavors persist with lovely balance and a long silky finish. I allowed the wine to open up for about 20 minutes before these notes as it is quite young. Further time gives greater results as it opens up showing what can happen with additional age. If you just can’t wait, you may consider a moderate decant, though I’m not normally a fan except for older wines with sediment or extremely young wines that need to awaken. This is a delicious wine. The resulting blend is greater than the sum of its parts showing the dense, rewarding concentration and the magic of skilled blending.

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